Princess Cruise Maiden Voyage

Conde Nast Traveler China

Teaming up with Conde Nast Traveller China, Oliver has created a video diary series of the maiden voyage from Rome to Shanghai in the newly built Majestic Princess vessel.


Princess Cruise Far East Itinerary


Princess Cruise Indian Ocean Itinerary


Princess Cruise Mediterranean Itinerary


Princess Cruise Middle-Eastern Itinerary


Princess Cruise South East Asia Itinerary

Behind the scenes

A full production team embarked on the voyage in the Majestic Princess for 50 days to film the full extent of guest experience, both on-board and off-board the magnificent vessel.

Outcomes & Achievements

In 50 days, 21 different destinations were filmed as well as all the daily experiences of the Majestic Princess. The films were released sequentially during the cruise itself on the Conde Nast Traveller China digital channels. The video series diary consisted of 5 videos of 3 minutes each.

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