Journey of Greece

The Luxury Collection

Luxury Collection Greece wanted to build awareness of its brand through a series of videos that would portray the journey across all its incredible Greek hotels.


The Luxury Collection - Blue Palace at Elounda in Crete


The Luxury Collection - Santa Marina in Mykonos


The Luxury Collection - The Romanos at Costa Navarino

Behind the scenes

Oliver led a team supported by the local client as fixer, to capture all required footage, as well as conducting a client-collaborative approach to producing a clearly defined creative style that fit Luxury Collection Greece’s communication needs. Technically this required portraying a vibrant expression of the product, fused with an affecting mix of storytelling and the simple aesthetic pleasure of destination shots.

Outcomes & Achievements

This journey of memories is portrayed across a colourful and varied series of videos that showcase the eclectic mix of experiences that a guest can enjoy within Luxury Collection Greece’s resorts.

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