Destination Film

There is no place with the same energy, vibe and atmosphere as London. Oliver spent two years of his life exploring and filming its famous streets and secret alleyways, in order to capture something of the soul of the city and reproduce it in filmic form.

Behind the scenes

Considering the speed and ever-changing character of London, this was not an easy challenge to complete. Oliver found himself pushing the boundaries of the form and methodology he was used to working with, collating more than 6,000 video clips filmed / shot in over 70 locations, and using several cameras and devices, to create a 6 minute visual carnival, worthy of all those who carry the title ‘Londoners’.

Outcomes & Achievements

Selected Press & Awards


Londoners. L’omaggio di Oliver Astrologo alla città di Londra

Condénast Traveler Spain

'Londoners', una carta de amor a Londres hecha vídeo