Worldwide Hotels Showcase

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Commissioned by Bulgari Hotels & Resorts to revamp their digital marketing assets, Oliver and his team produced a range of videos and photographs to showcase the luxurious hospitality experience that each Bulgari guest has come to expect and cherish.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts - Worldwide Hotels Showcase Video

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts - Worldwide Hotels Showcase

Behind the scenes

Oliver put together several teams to capture visually all the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. Oliver worked as creative director for the entire project including the film shoot which took place inside the world famous Bulgari Hotel in London.

Outcomes & Achievements

The output consisted of over 40 videos and photographs that displayed the architecture and interiors, as well as the service and the events that took place, in all Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.

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