Destination Film

Oliver has showed the beauty of Italy’s empty spaces in the midst of social distancing by creating a visual celebration of spaces once busy, with people, tradition, craftsmanship and creativity. He created a one minute short film that offered a message of hope to those who stayed at home due to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Behind the scenes

The short film was created using archival material from Oliver's previous projects to uplift communities during this unique time.

Concept & Creative Direction: Oliver Astrologo / Voiceover: Paolo Buglioni / Words: Daniele Sigalot / Music: Joe Alexander Shepherd

On Social Media

Outcomes & Achievements

The project was welcomed with warm support by the public, receiving over four million views across Facebook and YouTube.

Selected Press & Awards


Oliver Astrologo offers hope by capturing the beauty of empty spaces in italy.


“Siamo il paese più bello del mondo”. Oliver Astrologo celebra l’unità d’Italia, oggi più che mai.

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L’Italia è un Paese meraviglioso: il video che sta spopolando sui social.