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Mazda Discover is a series created by Mazda that explores the fascinating realms of craftsmanship worldwide. In the episode dedicated to Spain, Oliver ventures to the vibrant village of Grazalema, in Spain’s sun-drenched south, in the Mazda CX-5.

This episode introduces us to José Luis Bazán and his son Ben, artisans who transform traditional leather-making into sculptural art.

Through Oliver’s lens, we experience the Bazáns’ transformation of simple leather into exquisite works that blur the lines between utility and beauty. Their story is one of passion, heritage, and the evolutionary power of human craftsmanship.

Behind the scenes

The project was completed in 5 days with a lightweight team. Besides the video for Mazda Europe's official YouTube channel, Oliver also created a Director's Cut version for his public profiles.

Mazda Discovers - BTS Video

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